14. Aug, 2017

Well I was going to report on Shirebrook and Bolsover last week. Chuff me rate busy with me photos i was. Wife has been having an affair, I just found out. Some bloke called Ted Baker apparently, she has admitted it has been going on for a while. I told her I have washed me hands on him and this sordid affair. She is adamant she isn't going to give him up. 


Anyroad, been down Langgy Road 3 times this week t'watch/photo footy. Should a been there Tuesday. By heck it was lashing it down, I won't best pleased either, no bugger had an head an shoulders handy, so I could have a shower. All game it was teaming it down, glad I wa in stand out road, to be honest. I wont only daft bogger there anyroad, about 90 other fools came t'match.


Played Hallam from Steel City. Had them in pockets all game and Dr Watson scored again. Perfect remedy on nights like that. Laugh o night was when their manager got 'Red' card, and got stick off Brook fans, as he had been our gaffer previously.


Wednesday night, what a scorcher. Talk about complete opposites, I went down with me flasher mac and Factor 10 suncream in case. Bolsover (Bosa) took on Rossington Main, another Yorkie bar team. Bosa are finding it hard at moment to adjust to the game in NCEL Div One, but Rome want built in a day was it?? They started fine and put some good moves together, and to their amazement found themselves one goal up before halftime. Ref was doing his best to alienate everyman and dog, with his over use of the yellow card. It didn't appear to be that bad, to be fair t'teams.


2nd half, Main got an equaliser and from then on it was just a slugging match or route one footy. Have you tried to video a game like that?? Don't does ya bloody neck in, I tell ya. Nothing really happened until about a minute afor time, when Main thought they had winner. They all ran to far side as if they had reached some final or other, stupid boys Pike. Anyroad after faffing about for so long, ref had to add time on. Enter Bosa's finest moment, pass here and there, afor it comes out t'left. Player hits it at goal from 20 yard straight inta goal. Gutted em big time, so a lesson learnt.


Saturday saw Shirebrook win again, which is fantastic. Watson and Brewin doing the damage again. Bosa again struggled and went down to the only goal of the game. But, Campion FC saw their player commit a howler, beat the keeper and facing an open goal. Simple tap in?? Nay lad, ball just went along front o goal and cleared. Had t'laugh at him, bet his mates are giving him some jip pver it


So, I am gooing into another week of footy, back down Langgy Road again Wednesday to photo Bosa. Hoping they get their first win under belt, as its a fine line between em winnoing and losing. Bit o belief in themsens and they will be away for sure.